What happens when you combine the acceleration of Roadracing, the control and grace of Flattracking and the bar-to-bar aerial action of Motocross?
Wellcome to SuperMoto!

SuperMoto is the young discipline and because of its roots in racing history,
the competition level is high and the excitement level is unmatched. SuperMoto racers must be masters of three disciplines in order find their way to the top of the podium and because of this they are called “SuperBikers”.

Most of the top riders in road racing have competed in SuperMoto at some point in their career. These riders to this day are often seen training in SuperMoto.

SuperMoto racing takes place on purpose built asphalt tracks with a mix of dirt and/or urban obstacles. But it’s not limited to tracks; part of the excitement of SuperMoto racing is that courses can be setup in urban environments and city streets allowing the excitement and fast paced action of this form of racing to reach new audiences.

SuperMoto is a global discipline with racing taking place in Europe, Asia and the Americas. As Supermoto continues its growth nationally and internationally the media coverage is following. From print to the web, the Supermoto audience is worldwide and exposure possibilities are endless.


East Coast based company formed to organize and promote SUPERMOTO events at all levels, from the Local Series to National Pro.

We have dedicated ourselves to provide racers with a professional racing environment and the highest level of competition.

Our team, having extensive knowledge of the European SuperMoto market, will build a similar structure and race atmosphere in the US.

The decision to create SMEC was made because SuperMoto on the East Coast was losing ground and slowly disappearing. We could not standby and let that happen.

We believe the local series are the backbone of our sport. Local track, owners and racers alike have devoted countless hours of time and money to help keep this amazing sport alive and we will continue to support them.

Racers, Fans, Sponsors and Local Businesses will be the key in helping SuperMoto make a strong come back.

To know more and be part of the 2018 SMEC Championship Series contact us.

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